NSF EPSCoR Workshop in Bioinformatics
      to Foster Collaborative Research


March 3 - 5, 2013
Peabody Hotel and Clinton Presidential Library
Little Rock, AR

The NSF EPSCoR Bioinformatics Workshop brings computational scientists together with life scientists to explore mathematical & computational modeling to solve real-world challenges in life sciences. The main goal of this workshop is to stimulate and foster research collaborations not only among bioinformatists but also between bioinformatists and life science researchers.

The workshop focuses on four rapidly growing areas in bioinformatics, including: next generation sequencing data analysis, protein structure prediction and applications, systems biology, and molecular ecology. The workshop defines and discusses the current research challenges, open problems and exciting research opportunities of these areas, and creates novel solutions, suggestions and strategies for addressing the key challenges.

The NSF EPSCoR Workshop in Bioinformatics to Foster Collaborative Research is funded through the National Science Foundation (Award No. 1239812).

PI, Dr. Xiuzhen Huang (Computer Science, ASU), Co-PI, Dr. Gail McClure (Arkansas Science & Technology Authority)


Review Paper: No-Boundary Thinking in Bioinformatics Research.


Huang X, Bruce B, Buchan A, Congdon CB, Cramer CL, Jennings SF, Jiang H, Li Z, McClure G, McMullen R, Moore JH, Nanduri B, Peckham J, Perkins A, Polson SW, Rekepalli B, Salem S, Specker J, Wunsch D, Xiong D, Zhang S, Zhao Z.

BioData Mining. 2013 Nov 6;6(1):19. doi: 10.1186/1756-0381-6-19.

Abstract: Currently there are definitions from many agencies and research societies defining "bioinformatics" as deriving knowledge from computational analysis of large volumes of biological and biomedical data. Should this be the bioinformatics research focus? We will discuss this issue in this review article. We would like to promote the idea of supporting human-infrastructure (HI) with no-boundary thinking (NT) in bioinformatics (HINT).

Post-workshop Meeting

This year we had the post-workshop meeting at Dartmouth College on April 25-26th, 2014. At the meeting, we had discussions of No-Boundary Thinking. The consensus of our group was to jointly pursue funding opportunities to support our No-Boundary Thinking Research and Education Network.

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NSF EPSCoR Workshop in Bioinformatics to Foster Collaborative Research

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