Soybean Project

A web-based pedigree database to support soybean breeding efforts

Activities for strategy

Activities for strategy
Gather the pedigree information from the released soybean varieties and experimental breeding lines from breeding programs Gather the phenotypic information for these varieties Analyze the DNA marker data for these released lines Incorporate data and conduct bioinformatics analysis Build a web-based pedigree lineage interface for viewing the pedigree Build a rational SQL pedigree database to store all pedigree and phenotypic and genotypic data Test the database and interface and implement it for breeders’ use

Target Audience

To the user of the system

The successful completion of this project, development and implementation of a web-based soybean pedigree lineage interface and a soybean pedigree database will provide a useful tool to help breeders make their crossing and selection plans. The database will also be used for soybean geneticists to understand the pedigree lineage and population structures. With the implementation of such database, it will help improve soybean breeding efficiency to develop high-yielding soybean varieties. Eventually, soybean farmers in Arkansas and in the U.S. will benefit by using these cultivars developed from the soybean breeding programs